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Be Prepared for a Life Changing Experience at Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy of Norwich CT!

We Are a Family Owned Martial Arts School Since 1994


A Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together  



Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy of Norwich is the place to go if you’re interested in learning Kempo Karate from a professionally trained staff that is committed to your success.


Our staff of professional martial artists and fitness trainers are passionate about helping you achieve all of your goals, whether that means getting into fantastic shape or mastering the skills you need to protect yourself. It isn’t all serious! We have alot of fun! Classes are exciting as well as benefit driven.


We offer extensive experienced instruction for all ages and levels of students and use a modern, positive approach to teaching which is patient, encouraging and motivating.


We provide a truly complete approach to martial arts, fitness and self-defense, helping you strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience, no matter what level you’re at. From beginners to black belts, we welcome martial artists of all calibers to our school, and we’ll help you sharpen and refine your skills, so you can be your very best.










meet the staff

At Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy we are committed to providing the best in quality martial arts instruction in a clean, professional and safe environment for the entire family! We make sure that not only ourselves as owners and instructors, but all of our students achieve their highest potential, and continually progress physically, mentally and emotionally during their time of training.

Our vision is not to create just another local martial arts school but a community whose common goal is for everyone to succeed. Our school is dedicated to build a strong community one black belt at a time. We do this by developing students with strong healthy bodies and the ability to defend themselves and loved ones. We empower our students with important values including courtesy, respect, patience, confidence, self esteem, positive attitude and indomitable spirit. We are committed to constantly improving our service to our students through continually educating and training our professional team of instructors. Through this constant and never ending attitude of improvement you can be assured you are part of a team that is on a quest to be the very best.

Being a part of Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy  is more than learning how to punch, kick or throw someone to the ground. We are dedicated to providing the entire community and our children with positive role models and a true sense of self earned, self respect. Experience the difference at Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy where we WORK HARD-TRAIN HARD-PLAY HARD. It’s all about balance.

Master Jenkins started his training in the martial arts over 30 years ago. He has been in  Kempo for almost all of his martial arts career and received his 6th degree black belt in 2003 under the great Professor Kimo. Master Jenkins was promoted to 7th degree black belt in 2014 by Grand Master Don Rodrigues.  Also Master Jenkins was just recently promoted to 8th degree black belt by Grand Master Tony Cogliandro under American Karate International. 

Master Jenkins served in the U.S. Army in addition to his martial arts training. 

Master Jenkins was inducted in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2006 for Kempo Master of the Year. Master Jenkins has brought a new way to Kempo training. He believes that hard-core is sometimes too intimidating, so he makes it fun for all ages but keeps the tradition alive. Master Jenkins has worked with some great Masters in his time, including Master Cheech Luzzi, Master Fred Villari, Master Tom Ingargiola and Grand Master Tony Cogliandro.




                   113 Salem Tpke Norwich, Connecticut 06360

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